Cultural Exchange in a Time of Global Conflict: Colonials, Neutrals and Belligerents during the First World War

2015 Events

‘Feeling War’ at Museum Europäischer Kulturen


© Staatliche Museen zu Berlin, Museum Europäischer Kulturen / Ute Franz-Scarciglia

Associate Partner Museum Europäischer Kulturen’s exhibition ‘Feeling War’ runs from late June to the end of August 2015. The exhibition explores the heightened emotions associated with wartime and open up new possibilities for reflection on war. The exhibition shows what role emotions play in war and what kind of decisions an individual can make.For further information please visit the exhibition homepage below.


© Staatliche Museen zu Berlin, Museum Europäischer Kulturen / Ute Franz-Scarciglia

De Buren 2015 Events

Throughout the year Associate Partner De Buren runs a series of events including History Night and citybooks projects.

The Flemish-Dutch House deBuren (“the neighbors”) presents the beauty and wisdom of the Low Countries, and offers a platform for debate about culture, science, politics and the society in Flanders, The Netherlands and Europe. It is a place where artists, journalists, academics and politicians get the opportunity to voice their thoughts. (

citybooks are short stories about cities written by famous authors and up-and-coming literary talents. The Flemish Dutch House deBuren invites international authors and photographers to take part in a two week residency with one of the local partner organisations in various interesting cities. The resulting citybooks (stories, essays, poems) are unique city portraits that can be read, listened to and downloaded for free on this website. In addition to the literary city portraits, a photographer produces a collection of 24 photos as a visual portrait. Every citybook is available as a webtext, e-book and podcast (audio book, mp3) of thirty minutes in Dutch, English and French, and the local language of the city. (

For further information about individual events associated with the CEGC project please click on the links below.


Project Day at Local School: Gesamtschule “Geschwister Scholl” Zossen

On July 9th 2015 the school Gesamtschule “Geschwister Scholl” Zossen organised a project day in association with CEGC project partner Zentrum Moderner Orient in Berlin called Refugees Welcome. As part of the project day fifty workshops took place, and pupils discussed various aspects of the current situation of refugees in Germany, learned songs, tried to write their names in Arabic, did Henna paintings and the like. PI Heike Liebau and her husband Kurt Liebau organised a workshop with pupils from standard 9 on Prisoners and Refugees in the History of Zossen which dealt with the two big prisoner of war camps during the First World War  (´Weinberglager` and `Halbmondlager`) and the time after the war when refugees from various regions were living in the camps.

As a result of the workshop, two posters were produced which depict the life of prisoners or refugees and the encounters with the local population.

DSCN0459 DSCN0451 DSCN0447


CEGC Project Field Trip to Zossen

In June 2015 cultural tour was organised by PI Liebau to Zossen, one of the main places where colonial prisoners of war were held in Germany. The tour was attended by most of the project members and included interaction with the local community, a visit to the local museum which displayed ephemera from the colonial prisoners, and a meeting with the Mayor of Zossen.